A Gentleman's Guide: Etiquette and Manners

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Discussing etiquette and manners might seem peculiar for some. Nevertheless, following etiquette it’s not old-fashion concept. On the contrary, it’s something desired and looked for by many, regardless of gender. If you have never been taught or have never experienced it on your own, you should educate yourself. In this world where information is just one click away, you have absolutely no excuse not to grow yourself into a fully developed man.

It’s wrong to believe that the etiquette is not compatible with the modern world, since they are a set of unbending rules that must be obeyed no matter what. There is absolutely nothing more wrong than that. Etiquette changed over the years by being fluid and flexible enough to keep up with the times.

Emily Post defines etiquette as being the combination of manners and principles. While many identify the manners as being something they acquire from their upbringing, others believe that one can only be taught when one goes out and has different kind of experiences. Manners are different in different countries, as the cultures are so different to one another. Whilst in Japan it’s normal to bow because it’s a sign of respect, in Europe this might be interpreted as servitude and cowardice.

Human interactions are complicated and complex, but the core principles are: being respectful to the others, having consideration, having empathy for the ones around you and being honest. These values are universal and make the people feel comfortable in your presence. They don’t only sit well with the rich and privileged ones. They are definitely something to which everyone can adhere. This is where the challenge lies for the modern gentlemen.

The difference is always in the small things: it‘s not difficult to be polite without being condescending, nor trying to understand a person and not judging his or her behaviour. Consideration and honesty will take you a long way; they will especially show you as a man of integrity who won’t crumble easily.

It’s said that respect must be earned, but there is absolutely no harm in showing it before demanding it from someone, is there? Common sense takes the lead here. Thus we will never do things we wouldn’t want to be done to us.

However you feel, remember to keep your feelings concealed in front of people who do not need to know. Don’t take your anger on anyone. Don’t tell everyone things that only concern you. Your friends will definitely be happy to hear your story or help you out, but not everyone has to know what’s going on in your private life. Private life should remain just that: private!

Being considerate of other people’s feelings and being honest in a non-offensive way are two things which will never be outdated. They are the key elements of being a modern day gentleman.

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