A Gentleman's Guide: Accessories Matter

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It’s not the clothes the ones who make a man, man. They create a first impression which is so important in the social relationships we have to develop and sustain in nowadays society.

Every extra accessory, every detail you will give your attention will make you stand out from the crowd. The most important things you should have when changing your style from casual to smart is the right attitude and accessories. These two factors will help you build with ease the outfit you want to wear.

First of all, don’t make a major change from the start. You must feel comfortable with what you wear. Start changing your style step by step: after you get used with the new item you are wearing, add the other one. Keep on going until you change your style completely.

Easiest way to feel comfortable is to make sure you wear the appropriate clothes for your body type. What does that mean? For example, wear clothes in your own size, not three numbers bigger or two smaller. Also, remember that even if you like them, some cuts just won’t go with your body type.

A very simple example is this one: if you have broad shoulders and very narrow hips, you shouldn’t emphasize the difference by wearing a jacket that has shoulder padding. Shoulder padding is for the opposite body type: narrow shoulders and broader hips.

The accessories you use should make sense to the overall feel of your outfit. Although they are small in size, accessories are of a enormous importance because they outline that distinctive mark you want to establish.

Even if you are at the beginning of the style change you want to obtain or you already have your own style, the ImperiumBox accessories will add that je ne se quoi which attracts the looks and the interest.

ImperiumBox will be released soon! We’ll get back with details!

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