Sei Rubrum-Caeruleum
Sei Rubrum-Caeruleum
Sei Rubrum-Caeruleum
Sei Rubrum-Caeruleum
Sei Rubrum-Caeruleum
Sei Rubrum-Caeruleum
Sei Rubrum-Caeruleum
Sei Rubrum-Caeruleum

Sei Rubrum-Caeruleum

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Sei Rubrum-Caeruleum Set is a stylish set of perfectly balanced blues and reds for a day outfit.  

The tie is 100% silk. With its minimalist pattern, it will match perfectly a business attire. It's a tie which will not steal the attention from the jacket fabric, while keeping up with modern fashion trends. Definitely a must-have in your wardrobe. 

Length: 146cm, Width: 5cm. 

Any sharp outfit must include a lapel pin. This set includes a lapel pin in the shape of a delicate synthetic flower which matches perfectly the rest of the accessories.

Flower dimension: 2.5 cm. Overall dimension of the pin: 7.5 cm. 

The pocket square is microfiber and its design is split into four squares with different patterns, providing versatility when folded. Its colours emphasize the set's main theme. 

Dimensions: 24x24 cm.

The cufflinks are made out of silver steel with blue insertions. They have a classy square shape and work well with shirts in all kind of materials and colours. They will tie your cuffs in a perfect stylish way. These cufflinks have a stylish design moulded with precision.  

The belt is made out 100% natural suede leather and has a classic square buckle. Its colour matches the rest of the accessories in the set. A quick tip when wearing this outfit with shoes: make sure they match the colour of the belt. A matching outfit always makes a lasting impression!

Length: 120cm.

The cotton socks are soft and comfortable and have just a touch of polyamide to ensure the comfort you deserve all day long. 

Size: EU 41-43


Packing: The set is delivered in a personalised gift box. 

Washing advice:

Tie and pocket square: Dry clean or Manual wash

Lapel pin, cufflinks and belt: damp cloth

Socks: 30° machine wash or Manual wash

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